For the 1st Ethical Day of Christmas this 2020, we are giving away a double hammock with straps and a memobottle of your choice. Simply follow both @nakieco and @memobottle on Instagram and tag a friend to enter. The winner will be announced on the 3rd week of December.


Nakie is an eco-friendly travel brand that focuses on sustainable travel gear such as hammocks, blankets, and bug nets that are lightweight and easy-to-assemble for hassle-free outdoor adventures.

Nakie 1

Their vision is to recycle, reclaim, and repurpose waste, that’s why they came up with a solution - the first recycled hammock made from approximately 37 plastic bottles. Their product innovation doesn’t only divert the plastic bottles from ending up in landfill but also gives them a new purpose.


 Nakie is dedicated to putting nature first and restoring our forests by planting 4 trees in Madagascar for every item purchased. 

Get to know more about Nakie and how they contribute to sustainable living and great environmental practices by checking out their socials.

Instagram: @nakieco


Don’t forget to celebrate with us on our 1st Ethical Day of Christmas with Nakie by checking out @memobottle on Instagram. We have more in store for you this holiday season!

03 diciembre 2020 — Lyle Pendon