We found ourselves asking our friends, “what has 2020 been like for you?” A random question that just popped in our heads that doesn't have any specific answer required. And we received mixed answers.

Some of them said that 2020 left them with no plans at all for the near future. Some said that this year made them realise how important it is to have a support system that you can rely on at any time. But we all agreed on one thing: we became more responsible for our priorities and actions towards ourselves and other people.

2020 is the year of responsibility, if you may put it like that. It’s the year when we valued our lives more than ever. It’s the year where we found ourselves thinking about ourselves and our loved ones more than ever.  

It’s the year when everything changed-our lifestyle, our choices, our plans, our personalities. It’s the year we changed for the better and invested in ourselves and the people closest to us.

To celebrate the year that was, and as the holiday season approaches, a thoughtful and meaningful way to give is to be a responsible gifter.  

A responsible gifter values an item’s practicality, functionality, and critical value above all. The person also consciously chooses brands that are ethically and socially responsible when it comes to their processes and advocacies.

Responsible gifting relies on the greater meaning and purpose of the gift. You have to think about what is essential to you and to other people, and from that, you can pick out a gift that they need, love, and want.

To determine what values are important to you, ask yourself and your loved ones these questions:

  • What part of my life am I valuing the most?
  • What part of my life do I want to prioritize or improve on?

Is it wellness? Mental health? Productivity? Sustainability? Then think of something that represents that value. It can be a mindfulness app subscription, a zero-waste kit of local eco-brands you love, or a new set of activewear. If you want to stay simple, the gift of time and appreciation is the best thing you can give to people dear to you. 

Investing in yourself and your loved ones is the best gift you can give this year. 2020 has been a year that touched everyone differently, but one thing that remains important is looking after yourself and those closest to you. 

As the saying goes, your cup needs to be full, before you can help others. memobottle is here to help you fill your cup so you can stay hydrated as the year comes to an end and keep you energized through the next years to come.


Image by Caley Dimmock on Unsplash

10月 17, 2020 — Lyle Pendon