Letter memobottle

Limited Edition Frosted Letter memobottle
  • BPA-FREE, 42 oz (1.25 L): The Letter memobottle is made from durable FREEZER SAFE plastic allowing you to safely carry your water in your pack on those long hikes or use it in your cooler as an ice pack.
  • INCLUDES THREE LEAKPROOF LIDS: (1 black, 1 white & 1 green) interchangable to suit your mood. The memo-lids are made from premium quality BPA Free plastic and equipped with a durable and reliable silicon seal made from the highest quality materials, ensuring your memobottle can be trusted when placed in your pack with all of your gear.
  • EVERY BOTTLE SOLD provides ONE PERSON in need with 2 MONTHS OF CLEAN WATER, through our partnership with water.org. memobottle’s aim is to REDUCE SINGLE-USE WATER BOTTLES by changing the public perception on reusable water bottles and encouraging a more reusable society through a stylish, practical reusable bottle solution.
  • Max temperature: 120F (50 degrees celsius)
$22.50 USD $25.00 USD

BPA and BPS Free
Made from Tritan plastic. Experience glass-like clarity in a lightweight, shatterproof and safe material.

Easy to Clean
Simply clean with hot water, and soap or a dash of vinegar. For extra sanitisation, put your memobottle in the dishwasher.

Dishwasher, Boiling Water and Freezer Safe
The memobottle can handle both hot and cold temperatures.

Stainless Steel Lid
All memobottles feature a premium Stainless Steel lid for a truly elevated style.



fl oz / ml

2-Year Warranty

memobottle products are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for two years from original date of purchase when used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended.

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How do I clean my memobottle?
Simply clean with hot water, and soap or a dash of vinegar. For an extra deep clean, memobottle Cleaning Tablets are also available.

Can I put carbonated liquids in the bottle?
Due to the unique shape of this bottle it is not suitable for carbonated liquids. Filling your memobottle with carbonated liquids may permanently alter the shape.

We recommend the Stainless Steel memobottle range for those who wish to carry carbonated liquids.

What temperatures can it handle?
The memobottle can handle both hot, cold and freezing temperatures. Keep in mind, as the bottle is not insulated it will be hot to touch when used with hot water. If freezing your bottle, please ensure adequate space for water to expand.


Flat like paper, and everything you carry

The memobottle's paper-inspired design allows it to sit flat against laptops, books and anything else you might carry.

Whether you’re packing for work, play or travel, there's always room for a memobottle.

Hydrate on the go

Everyday, everywhere hydration

No more purchasing single-use bottles, only to dispose of them moments after. 

The memobottle's unique and lightweight design makes it effortless to carry water everywhere you go - sliding into backpacks, back pockets, handbags and more.

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Every memobottle provides 5 months of clean water

Our partnership with Water.org funds projects providing communities all over the world with access to clean water and sanitation