For the 5th Ethical Day of Christmas this 2020, we are giving away $100 worth of bars and cereals from @loving_earth and a memobottle of your choice. Simply follow both @loving_earth and @memobottle on Instagram and tag a friend to enter. The winner will be announced on the 3rd week of December.

Loving Earth


There’s nothing wrong with indulging in chocolates, as long as they’re made from organic ingredients, just like how Loving Earth offers guilt-free and plant-based goodies.

Known for their irresistible chocolate bars, their products are proudly non-GMO, dairy-, gluten-, soy-, and cane sugar-free; all that goodness in a bar!


Loving Earth


As a sustainable company, they guarantee that their ingredients are planted in a traditional and indigenous method by the Ashaninka community located in Peru. This means that the ingredients are pesticide- and fertilizer-free, and cultivated in a carefully controlled culture that preserves the ecosystem, prevents soil erosion, and conserves natural water resources. Plus, their packaging is 100% compostable or recyclable made from renewable plant resources, vegetable-based inks, and reusable jars.


Loving Earth


Their healthy products reflect their ethical business practices. Loving Earth’s chocolates are bean-to-bar, meaning their manufacturing process can be traced in a single cycle, from their raw cacao grown in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest to their in-house solar-powered factory that grinds and molds the cacao into chocolate bars with perfection. This process aims to take control of the overall creation of the product to maintain consistency and improve its quality as well as minimise the environmental impact of the production.



Satisfy your cravings without the guilt by looking into what Loving Earth has to offer. 

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Have a sweet 5th Ethical Day of Christmas with Loving Earth! Drop by @memobottle on Instagram and join our giveaway. 

十二月 08, 2020 — Lyle Pendon