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A' Design Awards this week awarded memobottle™ the Gold Design Award; a prestigious award given to the top 3% percentile of nominated designs that deliver an exemplary level of perfection in design.

Memobottle™ Designer and Co-founder Jesse Leeworthy and Co-founder Jonathan Byrt won the coveted Golden A' Design Award in the Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Competition picked by the esteemed arbiters of the A' Design Awards & Competitions.

The memobottle was designed in an effort to raise awareness about the single-use bottle epidemic and to reduce the number of water bottles ending up in landfill and our waterways.

“Human convenience is often the catalyst for devastating climate damage, so to make a positive change and impact on the environment we needed to create something that offered improved human convenience coupled with a clear environmental advantage.” Says Byrt.


Image: Co-Founder Jesse Leeworthy accepting the Gold award.


“We realised a long time ago that people really are resistant to change. Unfortunately, when presented with two options a lot of people still go with the more convenient or cheaper option, regardless of the environmental or social implications. To really break people's habits around single-use drink bottles we knew we had to offer something that was truly convenient, beautiful and sustainable in design. The memobottle™ had to make people think, and encourage people to ask questions.” Says Leeworthy.

The memobottle™ has not only become an iconic product, but it has become a vehicle for changing society's mentality around how water can be transported and consumed. It signifies the balance between improved life convenience, environmental responsibility and considered design.


Image: A'Design Awards Gala, Villa Olmo, Lake Como.

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六月 09, 2016 — James Towers