There’s no single word and emotion that can describe this year. But one thing’s for sure: we’re grateful for the wonderful opportunity you have given us to leave a positive impact on the greater community by providing quality and eco-friendly products. 

We want to share our victories with you, so let’s start with our fulfilled advocacies.

This year, we’ve provided 2.97 million days of clean water for communities in need through our partnership with This was made possible because of you, through our commitment to provide 2 months worth of clean water with every memobottle purchase. 

As a reusable and sustainable brand that advocates ending throwaway culture, we’ve prevented 6.89 million single-use plastic bottles from ending up in landfill this year alone. Having a memobottle in hand wherever you go stops the need to buy more drinks in plastic bottles that you’ll immediately throw away after consumption.

These numbers are part of a bigger total. Since we created memobottle, we have provided up to 10.3 million days of clean drinking water and prevented the use of 79.77 million single-use plastic bottles. We continue to strive harder to get these numbers up and running until every single person in need has access to clean water and that single-use bottles aren’t options anymore.

One of our major wins this year is launching our newest and most colorful range yet: the Silicone Sleeves and Metallic Lids. We wanted you to have a more personalised flat water bottle that suits your lifestyle hence, the colorful sleeves that have extra drop protection and insulation and the metallic lids that are redesigned for a leak-proof memobottle. 

To fully commit to our sustainable vision, the Silicone Sleeves are wrapped in recyclable materials made of corn starch and cardboard inner lining.

But our journey towards sustainability and environmental awareness won’t stop there.

The coming year is promising, and we want to improve our current practices and reach out to a greater audience. By the end of 2021, we aim to provide 5 million days of clean water in partnership with and prevent the production of 13 million single-use bottles that end up as a dreaded waste in our landfills. 

Aside from reaching those numbers, it’s also our ultimate goal for 2021 to offset and eventually reduce our carbon footprint by being Climate Neutral Certified. As an independent non-profit organization, Climate Neutral has the goal to decrease global carbon emissions of companies and brands with the help of environmental measures, tools, and a certification. This certification guarantees consumers that the products they consume and support are carefully and consciously made with reduced carbon emission processes.

We’re also developing more eco-friendly packaging for our products and continue to improve our products’ sustainability and quality. We’ll keep you posted about these innovations and improvements to help you make conscious decisions that will positively impact the environment in the long run.

Cheers to the year that was and toast to the year ahead! Happy holidays and see you next year!

十二月 24, 2020 — Lyle Pendon