The founders of Retyred ORIGINAL, Monica Corser and Bernie Kudernatsch met in Bali 9 years ago, where they discovered some simple and comfortable chairs made from old tyres.

Inspired, they pursued the idea together, setting up the factory, working hard on quality and production, and bringing in many new designs. Up cycled rubber is an excellent material for outdoor furniture - it is robust and therefore extremely long lasting in all weather conditions. Scrap tyres, whether we like it or not, are a steady and fast growing raw material! For more than 6 years the Australian - Austrian duo have been working together to design and produce the most distinctive furniture.
“retyred ORIGINAL” thus presents an excellent range of outdoor and indoor chairs, tables, flower pots and various other storage containers, such as trunks and baskets. All pieces are handmade, and therefore, each piece is unique. Kudernatsch says “we have invested heavily in the manufacturing over the past few years and are now at an excellent level to produce for the world market
Entry Introduction
We want to inspire people by designing, producing and marketing outstanding products using old tyres as our resource

Design Challenge
Create beautiful and useful products using tyre waste - Recycling and reusing a very tough raw material, which would otherwise end up as landfill.


Design Solution
Using a combination of recycled truck, car and motorbike tyres, we utilize all the natural attributes of the tyres, including profiles, round designs, structural strength and flexibility of the rubber, which lends itself very well to both comfort and durability in the form of outdoor/indoor furniture.


Design Impact
Upcycling some of the one billion tyres which are wasted world wide every year, Retyred is about giving old tyres a second life - using this unconventional and renewable raw material, which is present in vast quantities and is still incredibly robust.

Retyred has created a versatile collection of furniture which is characteristic in design, mature in production and extremely durable and comfortable in use.


Other Key Features
Retyred stands for outstanding furniture design made from a constantly growing raw material, old tyres. Experienced and brand new, beautiful and distinctive, durable and comfortable, creating strong combinations. Retyred shows brand new furniture with lots of experience.

Furniture with profile, due to the character of the designs and due to the raw material with which the team works.

Retyred impresses with round designs, sensationally comfortable chairs and almost endless durability.