Take a look behind the memobottle brand

We’re on a journey to redefine business


At memobottle we understand that we’re a part of something bigger. We have a responsibility to use our potential to solve the social and environmental challenges facing humanity.

B Corporations represent an emerging group of businesses that are dedicated to using the power of business to create a positive impact on the world. We're not competing to be the best in the world, but rather to be the best for the world. B Corporations unifying goal is to redefine success in business.


We are committed to sourcing the most ethically and environmentally sound materials, from recycled packaging to BPA and BPS free materials. 

We endeavor to verify our supply chain in alignment with the world’s best practices. Our head office is immersed in the heart of Melbourne Australia and we work tirelessly to ensure that globally as a business we’re consuming less and buying better materials.

We create products for life, not landfill.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and take the utmost pleasure in training our team to pay attention to detail.

Our manufacturing team takes pride in the process to ensure we can deliver you the best memobottles and accessories.

Our memobottles are crafted using Eastman Tritan which is used commonly across infant products, medical devices and has proven shatter resistance capabilities, allowing you to reuse your memobottle safely over and over.