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memobento takes the pain out of packing lunch

Packing lunch – it's a labour of love, but not for much longer.

With memobento, gone is the daily ritual of cleaning and packing your lunchbox.

Swappable container system

Meal prep on Sunday. Not every day.

With memobento's swappable container system, you can pack lunches ahead of time, and eat your way effortlessly through the week.

Simply drop in your next meal and you're good to go.
It only takes seconds, seriously.

For families, or anyone who likes to meal prep, this is a game changer as your lunches will practically pack themselves.

Clean when it's convenient

Pack now. Clean later.

Who said you need to wash your lunchbox in between uses?

The swappable containers allow you to pack today's lunch now, and clean yesterday’s lunch later when it suits you best.

Oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe

Containers without limits

memobento's containers tick all the boxes - and then some - which is why they'll soon replace the majority of your assorted kitchen containers.

Get creative and bake meals directly into the containers, stack them high in the fridge, freeze meals in bulk for future consumption, and colour code your lunches to stay organised.

Ten years ago, we reimagined the water bottle. Now, it's time for lunch.

We are Memobottle. We’re working passionately to create an ecosystem of convenient and reusable products designed to reduce the world’s reliance on singleuse products.

memobento marks our first step into the world beyond bottles.
We hope you'll join us for the ride.