Bottle Cleaning Tablet - 6 Month Pack

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Compatible with Stainless Steel, Plastic, Glass & Ceramic bottles

Effectively remove tough stains and odours from your favourite water bottle - no scrubbing required. In just 20 minutes, your bottle will be sparkling clean again. 

Made in partnership with the Australian sustainable soap brand, Single Use Aint Sexy. Their special formulation is designed to tackle tough stains and odours, with minimal ecological impact. 

  • Plant-based active ingredients
  • Ammonia, chlorine, and phosphate free
  • Fragrance free
  • Environmentally safe and not harmful to aquatic environments

Compatible with both the Stainless Steel memobottle and Original memobottle range, as well as most water bottles.

Suggested use: 1 or more monthly. 

Contains a 6-month supply (assumes 1 clean per month - see 'Dosage' below for more information).

$15.00 USD

1. Fill bottle with warm water.

2. Drop in cleaning tablet/s and leave the lid off to avoid damage.

3. Leave for 20 minutes or until tablet is fully dissolved.

4. Empty and thoroughly rinse your bottle with water.


1 tablet per 250 ml / 9 oz

Original memobottle
A5 memobottle: 3 tablets
A6 memobottle: 2 tablets
A7 memobottle: 1 tablet
Slim memobottle: 2 Tablets

Stainless Steel memobottle
A5 memobottle: 4 tablets
A6 memobottle: 2 tablets
A7 memobottle: 1 tablet
Slim memobottle: 3 Tablets

Safety Directions


Read Safety Directions & Ingredients Before Opening Or Using: DO NOT SWALLOW. DO NOT DRINK. DO NOT MIX WITH OTHER CHEMICALS

Active Ingredient:
Sodium Percarbonate 30%w/w

% by weight

Sodium Percarbonate 10-35%, Sodium Carbonate 10-30%, Tartaric Acid 10-30%, Carboxymethyl Cellulose Sodium 1-5%,Tetraacetylethylenediamine 2-10%, Sodium Chloride 5-15%, PEG6000