memobottle is entrenched in a culture of creativity and expression.

In a culture of thriving progressive watercolour painters and communications designers, we are now seeing creativity ooze from the curious engineer, the daring chef, the unleashed accountant and the unconventional store owner. Times are changing.

Here are some of the memo creations that are coming out of the woodwork. 

memo creative Sarah Dehlin
memo creative: Sara Dehlin
Media: Watercololor, photography.
Instagram: @saradehlin @podiumsthlm 
memo creative: Jessie Procyshyn
Media: Wire, Cardboard, photography.
Instagram: @jessieprocyshyn
memo creative: Alexander Askildsen
Media: Blueberries, photography.
Instagram: @interiorspire
memo creative: Jessica Noemii
Media: Pencil, Watercolour paper.
Instagram: @jn.illustration
memo creative: Zoe Suen
Media: Photography
Instagram: @zosuen
memo creative: Calum Shand
Media: Ice, Photography
Instagram: @mrshandy
memo creative: Michael Leeworthy
Media: Watercolor, Pencil.
Instagram: @michaelleeworthy
memo creative: Rochelle Dare
Media: Blueberries, Photography
Instagram: @rochelle.dare
memo creative: Shaikha AlNuaimi
Media: Digital
Instagram: @smalnuaimi
memo creative: Kimber Brown
Media: Chlorophyll, Photography
Instagram: @kimber.brown

If you are ready to release your creativity with memobottle we'd love to hear from you.

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6월 30, 2020 — Calum Shand