At memobottle, we are big believers in exploring and seeing the world. It’s how we connect and share stories. It’s how we grow and make sense of the world. Having the opportunity to learn about new cultures and new cuisines isn’t something we take for granted. But getting there can be grueling for those who are not seasoned in the art of travel hydration.

Travelling long distances can really take its toll on your body. Pressurised cabin air can wreak havoc with your skin, sleep and dehydrate the body from the inside out. This is why memobottle have developed our top 5 remedies for staying healthy and hydrated at 35,000 feet. This will ensure you wake up looking and feeling refreshed and focused so you can hit the ground running.



1. Counteract the effects of dehydration with memobottle
Drink more water than you normally would to help counteract the artificial environment. Keep a reusable water bottle close, this will ensure you have a constant reminder. memobottles fit perfectly in the airline seat pockets and in your carry on luggage, so they make a great reminder to keep up the sips. The reason we dry out so much while flying is because the air conditioning used at high altitudes is much drier and can have a similar effect on your skin, as being in the desert. This is why it’s beneficial to replace the H2O you're losing so that you can avoid chapped lips, dry hands and dizziness.


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2. Walk the walk
Remember that although you have your allocated seat, it’s important to move around the cabin. This is easy to forget with all the inflight entertainment. Make sure you get up and move around the cabin at least every 45mins. This will help the flow of blood around the body and get the much needed oxygen to your brain. You can also utilise your seat as a way to stretch and flex your legs and arms. The lavatory is also great for upright stretches and twists.



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3. Avoid Alcohol and caffeine
The effect of alcohol while flying is amplified because your cells already have a hard time taking in enough oxygen at higher altitudes. Alcohol makes your cells even less efficient and it contributes to dehydration by preventing your body from reabsorbing the much needed water. While an airport bar or an in-flight Bloody Mary seems like the perfect pick-me-up, it usually offers a false sense of feeling good.



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4. Prep your body
To get your body prepared for sitting for hours and the added stress of travel we recommend going to the gym or for a walk 24 hours before you depart. Make sure you’re well rested too. Denying yourself sleep in order to be exhausted on the plane can backfire.



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5. Mindfulness and Meditation
Finding your zen starts long before you reach seat 14B. Many airports nowadays have meditation rooms so make use of these as a way of calming the body and brain before you board. Remember that there’s no ‘right way’ to meditate. While apps can be helpful during stressful situations, activities like reading and crosswords are all great meditative activities. Helping other passengers is also a great way to make new connections and change an anxious environment to one of calm.

4월 11, 2019 — Calum Shand