Let's get your memobottle's sparkle back.

We've compiled the best cleaning methods for your memobottle and Silicone Sleeves - as tested by us and you.

filling water on memobottle through faucet


Ways to clean your memobottle (Original and Stainless Steel):

  • Wash with hot water and either detergent or a vinegar solution (1 part vinegar and 4 parts warm water), shake it up and let it soak before rinsing. Please take note that memobottles are not insulated and can be hot to touch so please exercise caution when using hot water.
  • A bottle brush/wire bristle brush works also. You can twist the wire as needed to reach the bottom and sides of the bottle. When cleaning the Original memobottle™, soft bristles are preferred to avoid scratching the interior of the bottle.
  • For an extra deep clean, memobottle Cleaning Tablets are also available online.



On top of this, we recommend rinsing it out daily and topping it up with fresh water to avoid any build-up, especially if filled with colored/flavored drinks. For other beverages, we advise washing out the bottles more frequently to avoid discoloration.