About the collaboration

memobottle values the importance of staying hydrated while playing sports and reducing single-use plastics when attending sporting events, so we’re glad to be a partner on this year’s Australian Open. This partnership will give sports enthusiasts access to a premium-grade and flat water bottle they can reuse for work and play.

We believe in the potential that sport has to be a vehicle for social change. That’s why memobottle, the bottle designed to fit and keep you hydrated on the go, is proudly collaborating with the Australian Open 2021.  We’re most excited for this opportunity to share our story with everyone watching the tennis, court side or from the couch.

There has never been a more important time in recent history to prioritise our minds and bodies. The AO will give an entire city a much needed opportunity to step outside, catch up with friends and be entertained and inspire spectators the world over. We’re excited to be a part of this event and hope to do our part by reminding everyone of the importance of health and hydration. 

Our presence at the Australian Open will also provide a platform to raise awareness around single-use waste. We hope to reach a wider audience and reignite the conversation about throw-away culture, encouraging people to consider the impact of their purchasing single-use water bottles when out and about. 

To put things in perspective, the Australian Open is expecting an attendance of up to 390,000 people this year. Imagine the footprint of even a day’s worth of attendees (30,000) if each person were to purchase and discard a water bottle, each taking hundreds of years to degrade in landfill. 

memobottle at Court 3

AO x memobottle

Our limited edition AO x memobottle 

We wanted to make this year’s Australian Open as memorable as possible. Hence, we’re introducing two limited edition bottles to our range!