Memobottle has been hailed as one of the world’s leading design icons over the past 18 months. When the opportunity came to partner with the like-minded creative force that is Semi Permanent we just had to say ‘why not’ (we actually said “f*ck yes”).

Semi-permanent brings ‘people in creation’ from around the world to one place, with the sole purpose to educate, inspire and enable. True creativity is the ability to out-think normal, break the status quo, re-define parameters of thought and innovate.  It was exactly this line of thought that gave birth to the memobottle.


Innovation is a word sometimes thrown around the boardrooms of stale companies, by marketers with nothing truly innovative to offer but in want of a better word than ‘new.’

“Innovation is at the very core of everything memobottle stands for.” Says our co-founder and memobottle designer Jesse Leeworthy.

“Innovation to me, means fundamental change. Not just a step, or lick of paint, but a much larger shift toward doing things better by completely re-thinking what has come before.”

Now, maybe more than ever in history, there is a weight on the shoulders of these ‘people in creation.’ Our planet is feeling the pressure of human impact. We’re seeing warming of our earth at faster rates than ever before. That’s a threat that Jesse took seriously but soon realised changing ingrained behaviour needs true innovation.

“I realised a long time ago that people really are resistant to change. Unfortunately, when presented with two options a lot of people still go with the more convenient or cheaper option, regardless of the environmental or social implications.” He says.  “To really break people’s habits around single-use drink bottles we knew we had to offer something that was truly convenient, beautiful and sustainable in design. The memobottle™ had to make people think, and encourage people to ask questions. It had to stand out from the crowd.”

Image: Jesse Leeworthy (memobottle co-founder and designer)

Semi Permanent is a gathering of challengers who are on the leading edge of thought and creation. “That resonates with myself and the other co-founder Jonathan Byrt. It’s forums like Semi Permanent that fuel the very best of creativity, art and design. We’re the people who might just be able to change perception around culture, art or even sustainability and what defines ‘great’ design. “ Says Jesse.

“When we started to look at the single-use culture our world has embraced we knew we needed to drastically rethink, re-design and truly innovate if we wanted to spark change. This is why Semi Permanent is so important. It’s getting people in a room who are passionate about innovative change, re-thinking, and breaking new ground of popular culture.” Remarks Jesse.

Semi Permanent is growing each year and after a recent rebrand it’s ready to tackle the next era of creative gatherings. Earlier this week we spoke wi