We’re launching a new series here on The Nourishment highlighting your frequently asked questions about memobottle. You ask and we answer!

We’ve been getting loads of queries about how to clean our memobottle, so here are some easy steps to follow that will keep your flat water bottle in tiptop condition:

  1. Mix 1 part vinegar and 4 parts water in your memobottle. 
  2. Shake it up to get the mixture to all corners. Don’t forget to close the lid before shaking!
  3. Leave it overnight at room temperature. This will allow the mixture to work on a deep cleaning process.
  4. After soaking overnight, rinse the memobottle thoroughly with running water, refill with clean drinking water and you’re ready to drink!

You can also try other alternatives like bottle cleaning tablets from your local pharmacy or soap and a wire bristle brush to reach the bottom corners of your memobottle.

For the lid, it can also be brushed or wiped with a clean towel or tissue. The seal inside can also be removed and placed back after cleaning.

You can use a butter knife or spreader, chopsticks, or flat fork to take out the seal. Place the seal back by putting it in the slot and gently pushing it back until it’s flat. Just make sure not to use a pointed knife or any sharp object that could damage the seal. 

Check out our FAQ site for other queries. Stay tuned next month for another FAQ answered!