Humans are naturally creative and that keeps us evolving and creating. We are driven to create, whether through music, art, innovation, writing, and design.

We’re fortunate to be able to provide a platform and avenue for people to express their creativity and share it with other people well.

To wrap up the month of October, we’re here to feature our all-time favorite memocreations made by you! 

Out of the Blue
memo creative: One Tech Traveller
Instagram: @onetechtraveller


The River Flows but Not for Plastics

memo creative: File, a design studio based in Los Angeles
Instagram: @filebrand 


Taking A Dip
memo creative: Magali Van Calster
Instagram: @magali_vancalster


Parisian Style
memo creative: Zoe 
Instagram: @_zoemarch


Sleepover Essentials
memo creative: Yaya Ding
Instagram: @why__dee


Warm Reflections
memo creative: Nikita Ardusadan
Instagram: @nikitaardusadan


Autumn Foliage
memo creative: Vittoria Busi
Instagram: @aww_victoria


Focus on Transparency
memo creative: Mr. Batlle</